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September 17, 2008


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patrick j. mullins

The ballet board has some incredible photos of this bitch's smirk (I mean dubya's...) on attending 'The Nutcracker'. But I only call it a smirk because it looks like the one you have pictured, which is more of a 'strict idiocy' look, as I see it. A smirk more often IMO has a downward curve of either lip along with furrowing of eyebrows. I've seen smirks at all levels of wealth and poverty as well. I did temp work at a Park Avenue law firm in 1994, and they had smirks all the time, while trying and succeeding in ruining everybody's lives--naturally, this was another one where I was offered a permananent position, was even told that 'you'll love the view of hallogen lamps on either end of the elegant sofa' and then I may have smirked while I joyfully told them I would never ever reappear at their digs again (as an aside, there were Japanese hookers trying to do onsite pickups right outside the offices, something I've never seen before or since). I get smirked at at the public library all the time, at the Rite-
Aid, and used to get them from a nightclub owner who went out of business. When they are slightly more prosperous, as in the nightclub owner's case, they do it for the immediate sadistic gratification. In the Park Avenue lawyers' cases, it's part of what they think they've earned.

But what you call the Bush Smirk always looks like it needs a foolscap on it, because I think he does do another smirk--this is the kind he would do at the annual press meeting when he made jokes about looking for WMD under the sofa, etc., On the other hand, Cheney has a 'smirking attitude', but has a crooked-shaped mouth and so cannot do the Classic Smirk. Sometimes, when presidents and other biggies do smirks, it's when they've gotten a tough piece of legislation through they wanted--Bill Clinton did lots of smirks, and when the impeachment ceremonies and celebrations got underway, suggestions that he might resign were proffered many smirks. Hillary doesn't smirk much,and I haven't seen Obama smirk. As noted, Sarah Snopes-Palin smirks to prove pride in her retardation, but it just wears McCain out to smirk--he would if he could think about it enough ahead of time.

Another time Bush smirked was right after he through that baseball just after 9/11. Unfortunately, he threw it perfectly, and he smirked after that, because nobody thought the cheerleader could do it--and he would have lost a lot of credibility if he had 'thrown like a girl', etc.

That look you've got pictured is one he used a lot in his debates with Kerry, and always reminded me of Jed Clampett.


I laughed out loud at the last line.

Joe Clement

Oh, God, you're right.


Great comments - they could be included in the generation of a theory of gesture.


Great comments - they could be included in the generation of a theory of gesture.


I have also never understood this. Bush ran on a false persona, but I've never understood even the appeal of this persona. He strikes me as a completely contemptible sort.

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