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August 20, 2008


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patrick j. mullins

"Was the feeling shame?"

Oh God yes. You were ashamed that they didn't know any better.

"Why and for what? Was it the confrontation with their enjoyment, their open display of an attachment that too me seemed extreme, inappropriate across televisual distance?"

That, too, because they were like people in chatrooms who have 'known' each other for about 20 minutes and start using the most vivid smileys right away. They were just being embarassing, and you don't like it that you know it. You were supposed to be beyond that by now...(lol). I always hated the way people acted on 'amazing race' the once or twice I watched it. They were always making these 'alliances' that they then broke when the 'you gotta do whatcha gotta do' moment came up; at that point they would be gross and say something like 'I'm gon' kick me some butt'. I just thought I would die it was so awful. Probably Extreme Makeover is not full of as much manipulation of the on-camera people. Most appalling use of it, though, was 3 years ago right after Katrina, when Laura Bush went down to do a makeover in one of those houses--sort of echoed Dubya saying he 'cain't wait to sit on Tree-int Lott's front poa-ch ag'in.' Fucking freak.

I can't believe anybody would ask for an autograph of one of the designers. Might as well ask Mr. Elias (can't remember first name) of Antiques Roadshow for an autograph. It's true that all things like this are people on cells and photographing everything.


To read it dialectically, haven't we in the West, at least in the last 150 years or so, always been spectators? There's just far more "spectacles" now to watch.

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