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August 19, 2008


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patrick j. mullins

Now isn't that sensitive?

"Meanwhile, his embrace of escalating the war in Afghanistan reflects acceptance rather than rejection of what Martin Luther King Jr. called "the madness of militarism."

That's the best thing about him. Who cares what Martin Luther King said about it? He didn't know anything about Afghanistan, so his opinions are worth even less than Leontyne Price's...


I guess you are joking. King wasn't talking about Afghanistan but about militarism. If one thinks of King as a political and moral leader, then evoking something can be persuasive, resonant. My own view is that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are pointless, endangering, destabilizing, unjustified, and expensive.

patrick j. mullins

I know, dear. I understand. But the Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan wars are not the same thing to the rest of us. Iraq and Pakistan are not the same thing, but I understand that you think they are.

parody center

I know, dear. I understand.

Patronizing old CUNT!


Patrick, I don't get your point. To be opposed to the war Afghanistan does not require that one thinks that it is the same as the war in Iraq. And Pakistan is something else altogether. So why would you say that?

patrick j. mullins

No, Dejan, anything I say to Jodi is affectionate. I don't object to you either, now that you know I intend never to write even a single word on your blog again.

Jodi, the Afghanistan/Pakistan matters are the same, in case that part wasn't clear. Opposition to all war and military action is probably what you're talking about. I'm making the difference between the military actions, and Obama, of course, is too. He has the shining good fortune, of course, to have voted against the Iraq War when most couldn't see what was happening. His interest in Pakistan and what is there is of vital importance to most of us and is not a mark of insanity in the same way as the Iraq War. That's not really news, is it?

parody center

now that you know I intend never to write even a single word on your blog again.

it doesn't matter, the image of Jodianne in leather got me five new readers within a week...

I'm making the difference between the military actions, and Obama, of course, is too.

God stop with the politics already and finish that embroidery that Vanessa ordered last week!


Hi Jodi

I largely agree with this. One can obviously be critical of Obama but recognize the differences from McLame.

But I also started reading David Sirota's new book "The Uprising." He really does a good job of showing that there is a groundswell of discontent that is growing in popularity - one that rejects the neoliberal consensus of the two major parties. Whether that can be transformed into a cohesive movement at the national level remains to be seen but it still provides some hope.

patrick j. mullins

Now that Zogby shows McCain with a 5-point lead, including 'best economy hope', I've decided to switch to McCain, because there is no reason we should give up what we're used to. I love this and had a good time this morning--I credit this entirely to John McCain, who will win this race. What we need now is for the great Progressive Movement to get behind Old John and support him by voting either for him or St. Ralph!

Don't worry-be progressive! Yay!

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