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April 21, 2008


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Mehmet Çagatay


The picture and "Love is all you need" remark reminded me "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds":



Hey, I certainly didn't accuse you of being a fatalist (of course you may not be refuting the charge either). I'm not sure there is a more distinct, viable and sustainable model in Canada or the U.S than the Amish. What better place to hone your survival skills!
Working within the church I also see most 'progressive' action plagued with 'feeling good' as the primary criteria (twirling bulbs and new hybrid cars). However, in the broader Mennonite Church (cousin with Amish) that I am a part of there are some significant expressions worth considering. There is the militant pacifism of Christian Peacemaker Teams. There are Christian/Muslim dialogue initiatives (recently attacked by other Christians and Muslims in Waterloo Ontario) in North America and abroad. There are numerous models of sustainable economic development with Mennonite Central Committee. We have historically leaned towards being apolitical and so we are still working on direct political action. Lord knows we are no saints but there is energy and some seeds of possible alternatives.


IndieFaith--actually, "Simon" accused me of being fatalist. I love the Amish--there are lots of Mennonites around where I live. I've wondered if its possible to do skills internships with them.

patrick j. mullins

"I've wondered if its possible to do skills internships with them."

As you might well imagine, I have wondered much the same thing, if perhaps somewhat less often. My concern is that the concentration on whatever being might be disrupted and precipate hysterical Scientology rather than nurturing Catholic fetishes as a debriefing reaction to the ashram-sensation--a reaction which is entirely predictable in many of us. But even after the debriefing, it takes many years to rediscover the City Man and not kill him after his charm has been found amusing, only to be re-assessed in moments of panic as having been but knavish.

Of course, there's ShoeFly Pie, which I don't think they have at the Fraunces Tavern.

But they probably should, in order to promote bridge-building and inter-faith dialogue...


hahaha- YES!

As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley (wish I could have made it out to the conference), I can tell you that this is the dominant sentiment around. Most are apolitical, but the ones who care subscribe to this worldview.


LOVE the blog- also love tea. Blog about tea sometimes too, ya? I got a nice flavorful cup of my parents' Ceylon in front of me.


You might want to add "apologized for a false accusation" to that list someday.

Rory O'Connor

Look, I can quite see that "making a difference is surrender". But on Monday, in Ireland, we got the news that the government was abandoning a law vetting marriage with people outside the EU (read: migrants). It was because some of us wrote letters, and yes, felt good about ourselves. And it worked. I adduced the Zizek's point about the new racism in Europe being straightforwardly economic. Other people brought up the UN human rights. I was a cynic, and will be again. But we MADE A DIFFERENCE!


Navid, as you're in Berkeley, have you seen the "genocide awareness" tents on Sproul Plaza the past couple of days? They're covered in slogans about how "we" can stop genocide through love, and how we shouldn't judge people (except, I assume people who commit genocide?).



I have and I'm glad that you mention it.

More importantly though, I'm REALLY glad to have discovered your blog. It's wonderful.

Even more strange was that I was at that Arendt talk too (scurried on over after the Bhabha talk)! I'll finish this comment on your own blog.


Well. Maybe I missed the irony in your prior post (Jacques le Fataliste ^^), but to write a blog about how you "think that the society is so close to the abyss" illustrates what I was hinting at. And think about why you felt the urge to write this second blog....


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