April 23, 2008

Message force multipliers The true highlight of the statement of the obvious news of Pentagon-organized and defense industry profitting former generals shilling for the Bush administration by pushing for war with Iraq and lying about military 'progress' there is the notion of 'message force multipliers.' It's a wonderful insight into the politics of drive in the circuits of communicative capitalism. The term can be accented in at least two ways: the force multiplication of messages or the multiplication of message forces. The force multiplication of messages seem tres militaristic, like adding lots and lots of forces, sending in more and more troops. It's like spam for television (and this is not the same as propaganda; the term isn't useful in an add of constant media, ever present advertising, unavoidable spin). And, what makes it particularly great is that it is spam that is requested, "please, sir (Mr. Bush), I want some more!" It's the ultimate perverse relation to media, wherein the msm are positioned so as to ask to be bearers of the regime's message, they want to be its tools, its instruments. They are the means/medium for it, after all. That's their role, instruments/media for disseminating messages. Force multiplication makes them all the more effective. It enables them to better do what they do, better to serve man (citational gesture to old "Twilight Zone" or "Outer Limits" episode). But the multiplication of message forces may be even better. This suggests a concrete awareness of the affective dimension of media in communicative capitalism....

Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean is a political theorist.

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