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January 24, 2008


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patrick j. mullins

"But is it threatened by the internet or does the internet actually offer sites for living out fantasies of individuality?"

These are one and the same thing, because obviously the internet does 'actually offer sites for living out...' etc., and this is a threat, because it's no more than a substitute--which you well know, because yours don't go much further than mine, but we both know people's who don't stop!

"Just as people are born in America every day with no apparent purpose than to buy and wear Gap clothing, the citizens of the coming community emerge from the sheer success of capitalism, growing like poisonous mushrooms within the cracks of Empire."

God, that's repulsive. Better you than me, I guess, we all have to keep up with something as we go back and forth through our periods of purposefulness and purposelessness as you most colorfully note below:

"Do we proceed without purposes? Or might there be times for purposes? Places where we struggle around and through them, fighting to retain the knowledge that they are also sites of fantastic investment and enjoyment?"

That's good, and exactly what Pettman's paragraph would have done to harm my mind as well. Yuck. (off-topic: the other day WaPo linked to Tom Cruise's lunatic 8-minute Scientology video, he's just so ridiculous you can't believe it. Have you seen it? If not, I'll email it you. You HAVE to see this.)


I have not seen the video but would love to. I was seen (caught) skimming through the Andrew Morton biography though--it would have been better to be caught rifling through actual porn, but it isn't sold in supermarkets.


With regard to Deleuze, I imagine it would be important to draw a strong distinction between whatever being as virtual field for the production of new beings, and that actual communication of whatever being.


In other words, with regard to this:

"Whatever being thus seems to be prior to interpellation and a result or effect of interpellation (what exceeds it)."

There needs to be mediation of these two senses, rather than a confusion of them, or a posited convergence of them.

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