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October 30, 2007


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I think the answer to "dont tase me bro" is, "where are the protesters?"
A speaker like Kerry should, after all, be prepared for anything up to and including bomb throwers. Televangelists, Hitler, and others who need to speak in public know how to deal, at the very least, with hecklers.
Yet we see that Kerry had nary a clue how to defuse the situation. I think the reason why is the same malaise Jody pointed to in a recent post: there are no protesters.
Whatever the reasons, we expect political discourse to tug the strings of profound apathy-- not to excite passions or hecklers or bomb throwers.


B--that's a good point. We no longer even expect anything other than apathy. So, we can't deal with disagreement or with challenges or with anything that breaks out of our expected scenario (and I am very much including myself in this we--much to my regret, I fear that I have less and less a capacity to handle contingency, disagreement, etc if it is outside of terms I've established. I need to work on this).


Someone should revise the Laclau point of society as made up of antagonisms into a society made up of apathies. I think Zizek is working in this direction, but his outright rejection of the FF school doesnt let him say what needs to be said!

Roger Whitson

I'm a grad student from Florida, and I completely agree. Here's a link to the school's newspaper featuring an article on the Meyer apology.


The picture is particularly disturbing, showing a befuddled Meyer sitting docile in a chair, looking very much like he was intimidated into apologizing by his lawyer towering above him. The angle is really bizzare, and foregrounds Meyer's submission.


Ugh, whatever. I agree that these thugs should have their "non-lethal" toys taken from them but the liberal sentiment that has anyone rallying around this kid's case was always ridiculous. He's a smartass fratty white boy who had been wasting everyone's time with his conspiracy-theory idiocies longer than the cameras show. Of course nobody seems to question that he was being a dipshit, insisting rather on the liberal-idealist "argument" that it doesn't matter, that he had a Right to act like a moron for as long as he wanted -- Jodi, you've banned people from commenting here when they've been insistently stupid, right? In mEaTsPaCe it's trickier, especially when you're dealing with a grown man who is bawling and squirming like a four year-old.

They shouldn't have used tasers, shouldn't even have had tasers, and I'd like it if this case led to a real movement to get the fucking things banned, but if it isn't, maybe that's because the media spectacle you're taking part in is focused on a case that couldn't have sold more hilarious catch-phrase bumper-stickers if it was staged, rather than, say, that of an elderly black woman who was tortured to death.


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