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September 19, 2007


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Patrick J. Mullins

'But I still don't believe in it. Which might be to my loss.'

I'm figuring out grotesque new ways to suffer and punish myself too...it's the only way to balance out the guilt and delirious pleasure of success...the long periods of suffering are like marathon relatives, though, but at the end you get to flog your opponents with extremely devastating switches...


Oh, lucky, lucky flogged opponents. Fine to use switches on them, but crops are for friends.

Barret Weber

I got a kick out of your door to door story. I also struggle with that. Politico friends of mine are amazing at it. I'd rather go and write a paper on it, as opposed to having to 'make the argument' about why someone (who I have approached at their own house!) should vote for who I tell them to. I always find it turns into a 'oh ya, so your going to vote Tory again, for the hundredth time? Why not vote for someone who actually lives here?' which gets me all huffy and pretentious and wanting to read more Adorno (and Zizek) on the problem of 'false consciousness'.

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