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September 29, 2007


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patrick j. mullins

"And you can't do better than perfect."

That echoes nicely Flannery O'Connor's 'You Can't Get Poorer than Dead', which is so rich I think of it every few days...but then you may have too...

Nick Bornak

Those monkeys are kinda offensive looking, eh?

John Drabinski

I highly recommend searching "taser party" at youtube.com. It appears the kiddies aren't so anti-taser in their free time, actually. Alas.

Great name for up-and-coming punk bands: Taser Party!

Funny how everyone just has opinions and so on and it doesn't much matter because you don't wanna be judgmental until there is this little matter of those paid to formulate views of the world venture something outside the world of journals with a readership of, say, three dozen.

Sorry that all went down! Or, as the kids today say in emails to me about late papers...



Dear Jodi,

I was afraid you would post something laced with irony and sarcasm. Instead you have given us a hard hitting expose of college students. It's the kind of courageous and groundbreaking reportage and opinion we love at I cite.

Keep up the good work.


A loyal and devoted I cite reader

Perfect little person

You love us cause we sing to you on friday and saturday nights!


Thanks, Lynn. I want readers they can know that can count on the continued honest and politically astute commentary they've come to associate with i cite.

PLP--I laughed out loud.

John--I think I might need to write a warning post about 'taser party.' You know, I feel personally responsible. Thousands of perfect, kind, thoughtful, committed, well-behaved, and brilliant college students may have, through no fault of their own, ended up tasering each other at these parties because of my thoughtless post about tasering students.

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