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August 28, 2007


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"Clumsy old border checks" - see, now they're going to be (actually, already are) more of a hassle because they sure as hell won't take you at your word; they've gotta check the data as well!

Forgive an argument from experience, but: pre-9/11, I (a Canadian) was living and working in the States illegally. I slipped in and out with nary a second glance, either from Them or over my shoulder.

In 2002, I got a Green Card. Suddenly, every time I came back to the US from, say, visiting my parents, my Yankee spouse & I could count on an extra 30-45 minutes as I got hauled aside and interrogated by various porcine coppers.

Now my citizenship, official residence, and actual geophysical location are in three different nations, and I forfeited my Green Card. It still takes an extra 45 minutes to get into the States, but only because the immigration officials get so stumped by whatever pops up on their screen I have to walk them through my past five years. I swear, it's like trying to show a dog a card trick.

I also wonder how many people have pointed out that the whole CCTV/"technomniscient" tact has basically failed in the UK. It didn't stop the misidentification & murder of an innocent Brazillian, rocketing gang crime, young bystanders beaten to death in "swarmings," etc. Not a promising precedent.

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