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July 19, 2007


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At first I thought this would be in reference to this:


Anthony Paul Smith

Hayley and I are 'mostly vegan' in the house. It's helped that Hayley enjoys cooking and so do I, so we got these cookbooks. If you want to try and incorporate vegan meals in to your diet (for whatever reason) look at the three books by Sarah Kramer. La Dolve Vegan is full of easy, tasty recipes.


Good for you with the half mary, Jodi! Best of luck!


Andrew--I hadn't seen that--is it real??? It's hilarious.

Thanks, APS. I think matters would be different if my partner were interested in becoming vegan and if enjoyed cooking. Neither is the case, so...

Thanks, Matt. I'm concerned that my training might be interrupted because I'm going to Germany for a couple of weeks. My kids are with me and they don't speak German, so it's hard to just leave them somewhere while I run. But, I have 5 weeks till the race after I return and things have been going well this week. I'm hoping that if it all keeps progressing maybe I'll do the full thing next year.

I'm wondering, if you see this, who are you predicting in the Tour?



thanks for a great blog! My thesis owes you a thanks also for your interpretation of The Parallax View.


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