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June 02, 2007


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khalid mir

Jodi, I don't know where in Wales you're going, but if you go down south do try Knap beach.

Scott W.


Did you call the bank and have the card activated?

Foucault Is Dead

Enjoy Wales. But avoid a place called Barry Island. At all costs.


I understand your frustration; I have had similar experiences

Can you get some traveler’s checks before you leave or when you get to Wales?


I can't get traveler's checks because all the banks are closed here on Sundays. Fortunately, I was able to get cash from my partner. My concern is that the dollar doesn't go very far in the UK anymore. At least I have credit cards.


Scott, yes. One of my other worries is that the bank accidentally shut down both cards, the old one and the new one. Or, it was just that the security mechanism kicked in at the fourth try to use the card.

F iS D--why shouls I avoid Barry Island?


Khalid mir--I'll be in Cardiff. Is that close?

khalid mir

foucault, I resent that ! I lived near Barry Island . But yes, it is quite sad. The Knap isn't too far away ..very nice place to walk on a late summer's evening.
Penarth pier is also worth a look at (I've put a photo up on my blog somewhere). Great scones and cream if you like that.

anyway, have a wonderful trip!

Foucault Is Dead

Barry Island is the site of an old 1960s holiday camp which had not been maintained when I was there (about 15 years ago), thus making it look like more of a concentration camp than a holiday camp. Plus, it has its fair share of Dodgepot McDougals (i.e. dodgy characters). Thankfully, I had only stopped by the place for a cup of coffee.

But, on the other hand, I love Cardiff, which is nearby.


that is just an unreal anecdote, Jodi

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