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April 23, 2007


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Great. Thanks Jodi. May I add:

The most beautiful is the object
which does not exist.
nor death
can take away the object
which does not exist.

mark the place
where stood the object
which does not exist
it will be a simple dirge
for the beautiful absence...

all space
swells like an ocean
a hurricane beats
on the black sail..

now you have
empty space
more beautiful than the object

more beautiful than the place it leaves
it is the pre-world
a white paradise
of all possibilities

you may enter there
cry out vertical-horizontal
perpendicular lightning
strikes the naked horizon.

obey the counsels
of the inner eye
do not yield
to murmurs mutterings smackings
it is the uncreated world
crowding before the gates of your canvas

obey the counsels of the inner eye
admit no-one
from the shadows of the object
which does not exist
from polar space
from the stern reveries of the inner eye
a chair.

beautiful and useless
like a cathedral in the wilderness.

place on the chair
a crumpled tablecloth
add to the idea of order
the idea of adventure

let it be a confession of faith
before the vertical struggling with the horizontal

let it be
quieter than angels
prouder than kings
more substantial than a whale
let it have the face of lost things.

we ask reveal o chair
the depths of the inner eye
the iris of necessity
the pupil of death.


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