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February 22, 2007


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Jodi - this is great. really important i think. I did a spin off post related to tactics in the visual arts.

bob allen

In a parallel world, here in the Heartland USA, we white males empathize- we can hardly make fun of gays or degrade women in the workplace anymore since the PC
victory in corporate America, and now they're giving credit cards and low interest home loans to illegals- ok, I'm being facetious here, but I can't resist pointing out how Jodi wants to snatch a leftist defeat from the jaws of victory.

Amish Lovelock

Roll on the Lacanian Right.


hi Jodi,
Thanks for this.

is this piece - http://www.lacan.com/zizmaozedong.htm
from this collection? I assume the book reprints "On Practice" and "On Contradiction", is that right? What else is in it?

take care,


Bruno Latour had a nice piece on this in Critical Inquiry a few years back, somewhat self-importantly apologizing for the state of the world. That is, though his model of science studies was supposed to prevent the naturalization of facts, the result seems to be an opportunity for Bush to deny the reality of global warming. doh!


It's a great piece - one of the better quotes:

"As is well-known among those who still remember Marxism..."

Omri Ceren

In a similar vein, the debate between creationism and evolution can be seen as the victory of what used to be called science studies... The people taking over school boards are not that far from openly saying "you think that science and truth are about who's in control? You think that truth is up for grabs? OK..."


OC--great point.


If you believe you can only deliver an adversarial message, then yes, you will be faced with co-option constantly. But if your message is motivational rather than antagonistic, you will be glad to see others take it on. Ask yourself why you are stuck in a rut of antagonism. Do you have a viewpoint worth having? Do you have a viewpoint at all, or just a mode of opposition? Surely even the least curious people can be brought to see something new sometimes -- not en masse, perhaps, but one or two at a time. Isn't that your goal?

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