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January 02, 2007


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John Reeve

"Sacrificing others, everyone else, is much, much easier when there is no judgment, no determination, nothing that follows. One has no need for a retroactive justification--or even for responsibility for the world that one's acts bring into being."

Is there a realtionship between this idea and the Christian commonplace that those in control of US WMDs ought to be religious, in order that their fear of an afterlife would prevent them from do anything improper with those weapons?

Doesn't that idea work on the assumption that if there is no future judgement, there can be no judgement at all-- that judgement is something that isn't already going on?

Amish Lovelock

Isn't the future coming back in here through the back door? The racist policies seem intrinsically future orientated. Surely they cannot be but an object-cause for a fantasy of some sort of future British nation? This is how the discourse of white decline works, no? Maybe this is a bad element of the film? If the world, and meaning, was really coming to an end, maybe "Independence Day" is a better rendition?

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