January 25, 2007

As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse Below is a link and an cite from an article by Sarah Posner. I think of them as contributions to this month's project--teaching K-Punk about apocalypticism. Link: AlterNet: War on Iraq: As Bush's War Strategy Shifts to Iran, Christian Zionists Gear Up for the Apocalypse. Christian Zionists are dancing the hora in San Antonio. Armageddon appears to be at hand. As George W. Bush sets his sights on Iran, even Republicans are wondering how to constitutionally contain the trigger-happy king. But for an influential group of Christian fundamentalists -- White House allies that garner not only feel-good meetings with the President's liaisons to the "faith-based" community but also serious discussions with Bush's national security staff -- an attack on Iran is just what God ordered. Biblical literalists, convened together through San Antonio megapastor John Hagee's Christians United for Israel (CUFI), are now seeing the fruits of their yearlong campaign to convince the Bush administration to attack Iran. Hagee came to Washington last summer on the warpath, and many Republicans -- and even a few Democrats -- welcomed him as an alleged supporter of Israel. More than 3,500 CUFI members fanned out across the Capitol to meet with their congressional delegations. Televangelist power brokers, like rising star Rod Parsley of Ohio, who serve as directors of CUFI, now proudly display photographs of their meetings with senators, brows furrowed over the seriousness of the task at hand. But probably Hagee's most important meeting was smaller and not public, at the White House...
Who Do You Trust? I just watched the dvd "9/11 Press for Truth." It's based loosely on the efforts of the Jersey Girls to establish an independent commission on 9/11 and on the 9/11 timeline produced by Paul Thompson. I've been working on my 9/11 stuff because I have to give some talks on it in the next 6 weeks. Several things struck me about the film: --that it still follows the discourse of the hysteric, a democratic discourse, in trying to reveal secrets and uncover the truth. The two components of the film, then, focus on two key loci of democracy: administrative inquiry/congressional oversight and the press. So, the Jersey Girls pressure for a governmental investigation and Paul Thompson relies on connecting the dots provided in mainstream media sources. --yet, both of these avenues are twisted and don't provide access to the truth being sought. No one is satisfied with the 9/11 commission report. What becomes clear through all that is the administration's efforts to block the work of the commission and the fact that they lied in the first months after the attacks (saying, no one could have imagined planes being flown into buildings and that they had no advanced warning). Likewise, the press creates a particular problem: on the one hand, the press is widely accused of not doing its job, not doing any real investigations after 9/11, being corporate media, and being generally untrustworthy; yet, on the other hand, getting matters in the media, having the media publicize them, remains...

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