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November 30, 2006


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"Folks who voice even mild support of neoliberalism while criticizing neoconservativism bug me no end."

I look at neocons as the Hallibertons of corporate-led globalization, and neoliberals as the McDonalds/Disneys of corporate-led globalization. The first seek to rule by force, the second to rule by guile, glitz and 'happy faces'.


Arabica--well put! I love that analogy.


Hi Jodi, good to have you back. Regarding the Christian conservatives who could be pro-Palestinian - its clearly not a question of geography. From my detailed study of the Left Behind series (I read two and half of the books before I couldn't stand it anymore) Christian fundamentalists need two-thirds of the world Jews to return to Judea and greater Samaria (the West Bank) before Christ will return for his Church. And the best part, speaking as a non reconstituted Hebrew, is that only 144,000 of the Jews will convert before the final conflagration - at which time the remaining semites will die in a blood drenched, geo-political masacre. If you think I am kidding, you should read what Tom LaHaye says in his interviews, let alone what takes place in his books. These folks scare the crap out of me.

Switching gears, as a fellow paren, I wish you well navigating the holiday season. Take Care.

friendly observer

i was curious as to whether you asked yourself the following question as well: do left-wing pro-arab israel/jew haters and others in the usa have every reason to be behind israel and the jewish people as the victim and victimized group and the just party in this conflict as much as they do to support the so-called 'palestinian' people, et. al.?

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