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October 11, 2006


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I like the title...

I remember when MTV premiered with Video Killed the Radio Star the hysterical hype that music would change forever... still business as usual (does MTV still play music--I shot my TV so I'm not sure)

Now, as a film studies professor, I have been struck by the similar hype surrounding online distribution of digital films... supposedly the death-knell of theaters and the transformation of distribution?



I have been lurking on your site for over a year now. I am reading your Zizek book and enjoy your no-nonsense approach. I saw Zizek for the first time in October 2003, and bought the Puppet and the Dwarf at his talk. I understood about 30% of it because of my background in theology and political theory in college, but the Lacan-Hegel stuff through me. Anyway, I hope you get this comment, and I would also like to ask you a question: I would very much like to have Zizek read at our wedding in June 2007. Any passages you could recommend?

Adam E.

I'm really looking forward to reading it.

I'll take a look at your paper when I'm done with a school assignment.


Interesting. One thing that did stike me is that there might be some value in drawing comparisons, or at least mentioning the connections, between the development of spaces of affinity you mention and the emergence of decentralised 'affinity groups' as the prominent form of organisation around the various anti-summit protests (such as Seattle).

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