September 05, 2006

The Zizek Conference Anyone going to Cardiff on Thursday or Friday? I arrive at Heathrow on Thursday morning and plan to go on to Cardiff. Link: Cardiff School of European Studies 15-16 September 2006 Did Somebody Say Ideology? Slavoj Žižek in a Post-Ideological Universe Friday 15 September 9.00-9.45: Registration 9.45-10.00: Introduction 10.00-1.00 Session A: Philosophy with Psychoanalysis Ian Buchanan: ‘False consciousness versus cynical reason, or, the antinomies of ideology’ Frank Vande Veire: 'Commodity fetishism as paradigm of ideology in Zizek and Derrida' 11.20-11.35: Coffee break Rex Butler: ‘A parallax view on The Parallax View’ Dany Nobus: ‘Why Zizek is not a Lacanian: on the (de-)construction of psychoanalytic ideologies’ 1.00-2.00: Lunch break 2.00-5.30 Session B: Locating the cinematic Real Fabio Vighi: ‘European cinema and the (im)possibility of the sexual relationship’ Jan Jagodzinski: ‘The Zizekian wager: putting filmic art into the abyss’ 3.20-3.35: Coffee break Susanna Sklepek: ‘Chaining the truth: Zizek and the cinematic subject in (post-)communist cinema’ Sean Homer: ‘Nationalism, ideology and Balkan cinema’ Samuel Thomas: 'Tonight! Live in Belgrade! Zizek vs. Zizek! Some remarks on film, racism and the poetry of ethnic cleansing' 7.00: Dinner Saturday 16 September 10.00-1.00 Session C: Politics and historical change Heiko Feldner: ‘Zizek vs. Foucault’ Sis Matthé: ‘The lack of history and what to do with it: from Zizek to Badiou’ 11.20-11.35: Coffee break Adrian Johnston: ‘Parallax politics: Badiou, Zizek and the cadence of change’ Marc De Kesel: ‘Subject at the gates: Zizek on Revolution’ 1.00-2.00: Lunch break 2.00-4.00 Session D: Politics and totalitarianism Jodi Dean: ‘Camp...

Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean is a political theorist.

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