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September 02, 2006


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If you can remember them, i'd be interested to hear the gist of the remarks given by wendy and rom.


Discard, the discussion was of Rom's book, Beyond Gated Politics (or Communities, I don't recall right now). Anyway, Wendy's comments were, at the risk of way oversimplifying, that Rom's politics was basically an ethics unsuited to the tactics and neglectful of the compromises and need to take responsibility for power. She also found this working in the form of generosity led Rom to treat women of color feminists as a group rather than as individuals whose views should be considered and critiqued as individuals. Rom responded forcefully, performatively addressing the first point. With the second point, he argued that women of color was the term chosen by the theorists he was talking about, not one that he installed on the basis of gender and phenotype (as Wendy suggested). And, he said that this chapter was near the end of the book, working closer to his voice, and thus he was inserting himself into a collective discussion.

I haven't done justice to the exchange, but this hints at the terms and terrain of the discussion.


Topics for ALL academic conventions:

The shifting use of the colon: OR, deconstructing ageism in the time of colonoscopies

Why is adherence to length requirements inversely proportional to seniority? AND Why do we care that XXXX (your favorite demonized icon) spoke so long, the last person got 5 minutes?

Is this a Lecture? OR -- what Goffman said in his lecture on giving a lecture (Also known as: why do we always say we'd rather have a more interactive format but then write papers and read them aloud without an eye to performance)?

Was Lingua Franca Right? STEAL THIS BOOK as an academic gesture (OR: at which conventions are more books stolen?)

Later that same night: Why do the answers only come to us much later?

But seriously, the APSA can't be any better -- or worse -- than the American Academy of Religion. We've got the FBI and related invaders. . . . . .


Jodi, thanks. I once took a couple classes with Rom, and find him interesting.

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