August 13, 2006

Jonathan Cook: How I found myself with the Islamic Fascists (cross-posted at Long Sunday) Here is an excerpt from Jonathan Cook's article in CounterPunch: "America's Best Political Newsletter". I agree with him. I suspect that Israel's atttacks on Lebanon, and US support for them, have more to do with Iran than Hizbollah. The Bush administration has implicitly admitted as much, emphasizing that they want to see a new situation, a change in the status quo in the Middle East. It's difficult to see what change might mean other than constant war, chaos, and turmoil. But, it's easy to understand how they benefit from this: profits for defense and related industries; fear, anxiety, and a desire for protection and order at home. On the ground, it's a different story. I spoke with a colleague today whose brother just returned from Iraq. Rather than describing 'insurgents' as rag-tagged or crazed, he encounter a well armed, disciplined, and organized set of fighters. So, US troops would 'secure' a town; but the minute they would leave, a counter force would move in. The game was one of endless repetition, endless back and forth. And, American weaponry was stunning, amazingly high tech and functional. The deal is that the even with the weapons, the war can't be won. The weaponry just prolongs the endless engagement with a skilled opponent that knows when to retreat and when to attack. Likewise, I am suspicious of the entanglements of the language of terror and terroism. I suspect that we will have more 'foiled plots' (2-3 before November) that...
The Smokescreens of War Link: Imraan Siddiqi: The Smokescreens of War. The Smokescreen of Islamic-Fascism: This is the du jour label that the news outlets such as Fox and CNN have been throwing around at the behest of Israeli and America's right-wing hawks. The term fascist is most often used as a parallel for what the Nazis did in Germany during the Holocaust. Fascism summons images of Stalin, Mussolini, or Franco---individual ideologues whose ultimate goal was not rooted in faith, but power alone. Coupling the word Islam, with the word fascist is a clear attempt to embed seeds of hatred towards Muslims worldwide. The use of the terms Islam and fascist together is a deliberate attempt to incite hate towards the religion of Islam as a whole. The implication is that the religion teaches fascist ideas, and that a fundamental following of Islam equates into a fascist ideology. How can a religion that has been around over 1400 years be labeled as a precursor to fascist behavior? Now if you are going to give a laundry list of totalitarian Muslim countries that have committed atrocities, be prepared to recite an equally long list of fascist theocracies based in Judeo-Christian beliefs. How can such an irresponsible term be used, when the actual fascist tactics are being used on the other side of the equation? In present day society, there is only one country that is building walls between religious groups, forbidding entry and development of religious groups creating refugee populations based on ethnic demographics---that country...

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