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August 15, 2006


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Scott W.

Strauss Redux

I couldn't answer those questions without consulting an attorney first. Reason being I purchased a tank of gasoline today, which is indirectly funding Hizballah by crude payments made to Iran.

Have you committed an act that you know, or reasonably should have known, affords “material support or resources” to an organization on the U.S. Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List?

Furthermore, the Saudis pay off the terrorists to leave the Royal Family in power, so there‘s another contribution. This group is known as Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Qa’ida is a name the neoconservatives made up, and the terrorists took it as their own.



The way this has been playing out in AU is for calls to remove Hizbollah from 'The List', not that there should be no list, no loyalty oath, etc.



My interests run in the vein of Latin American politics and I was a little suprised that the FARC were on the list, but the EZLN were not. I can't imagine this rule will stand long before it's challenged in a court...not that that will change anything.


One of the most amusing things about the form is that most of the questions reference the State Department's official list of terrorist organizations. This list isn't provided on the form, nor does it indicate where one might find the list. (I work at a University Hospital, which means I also have to sign it.)


FARC does have a nasty little habit of killing civilians in the name of drug money. Not to say that they didn't have a legitimate cause at one point, but they're as bad as the Columbian militias now, as far as civilians are concerned.

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