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July 17, 2006


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Hi, Jodi. I think one of the reasons is that we canot completely ignore "meta-physical" things even when we can get easily "physical" things. Just as you cannot stop asking "why", this attitude, I think, comes from nowhere on this pysical world. In other words, there is somthing makes you unsetteled on the pysical comforts, that is, desire to transcend this physical world.

Second, I would like to remind you that displine is not vanished completely. It changes its form and survives on to these days. I would rather say the connection between power and disipline is loosened and it becomes more relevant with the art of life as Foucault think it over in his last years. We should carefully trace this development at least for the time being.

In conclusion, easiness is welcome but we are human beings and not a mere animals, so we sometimes want to behave as a human being. This is, of course, a kind of irony but I think it is also a ray of light on the ruins and rubble in this world.


Sometimes, though, the hard is hard because it is misguided, one is working against one's instincts, or against one's suppressed knowledge. And sometimes the easy is easy because it is the next step, which has been prepared for.

That said, I guess there is also a way of being easy that is kind of a short-circuit -- easy because really, nothing is being attempted. But once one thinks about what one is doing, is it still easy? I could spend all day surfing the web, but would I feel easy about that? I'd say, no. But perhaps the destructive aspect of this easiness is that it completely fails to engage with the ever-present difficulty (which, in this case, manifests as self-disgust after a day on the web).


On easiness I come back to the concept of debt.

The use-part of easy is easy - we want easy because it's not hard.

The exchange-part of easy is the tough part. What are we giving up when we have a Starbucks or buy at Amazon (apparently the end of independent bookstores).

When you expend work and as a result you can claim the ease for yourself - there is a satisfaction that (for me) is rare - like eating a real tomato. But like most of what is easy, I know I'm going to have to pay.

It makes me feel a little uneasy.

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