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July 05, 2006


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Sorry Jodi. I was clearly out of it. Here'sthe scoop:1) i was going to make 2 unrelated granitas, the watermelon and the blueberry. Once you make the liquidy stuff, you have to follow the directions toward the front of the book, of scaping and squishing every once in a while until you get a sludgy sort of ice. I sort of assumed you'd just have fruit. What happened with the artichokes?

And I promise I will make you very good granita (complete with a lesson) when I am home. I had no ideait would be so hard. (Though I take no responsibility for your blender leaking. That was an equipment failure.) Maybe I will even send you to the stuff on my page called Do you Believe in Grantia Magic?

Things here touch and go.


Sorry things are touch and go. Hang in there. Best to Bibliobabe. You probably know I have a Southern relation to truth which mean the story matters more than the facts. The artichokes worked pretty well--I probably should have pealed them down a bit more and cut them a bit lower. Honestly, with the granita, the only problem was figuring out the blueberries, my appliances, and my clumsiness. I'm looking forward to the granita pops when we get home.

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