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May 24, 2006


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"nonsense on stilts"


invokes the rehearsed precarity and spectacle of the circus


Ah, the dreaded sleeper effect. It hits me half a year after quitting, mostly when I cannot sleep.

(But after throwing that full one in the river that night, I have resolved never to buy another pack. Brits? Eh, they all die senile and angry anyway.)


Health hysteria in US: when people lampoon American culture 1000 years from now, this will be near the top of the list. J. and I have been persistently amused as we have perused literature on health and religion in the 19th century lately (one of the funniest being the strong link, mentioned already in comments at the weblog, between Kellogg's Cornflakes and Seventh Day Adventist positions on health and masturbation).

Adam Kotsko

Anymore, I can't get off unless I'm eating a bowl of cornflakes.

john reeve

"Anymore, I can't get off unless I'm eating a bowl of cornflakes."

An eggman, eh? How long does it generally take the band to come?

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