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May 25, 2006


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Adam Kotsko

I originally predicted that the entire Internet would be overrun with commentaries on who was the bigger jerk in some Valve thread from three months ago -- but now it's looking like this monkey thing is what's really going to overload the circuits.

Dominic Fox

Boy, am I glad I'm not a banana.

Rambling Thomas

My favorite monkey passage, from Hogarth: "A monkey too whose figure, as well as most of his actions, so odly resembles the human, is also very comical; and he becomes more so when a coat is put on him, as he then becomes a greater burlesque on the man. There is something extremely odd and comical in the rough shock dog. The ideas here connected are the inelegant and inanimate figure of a thrum mop, or muff, and that of a sensible, friendly animal; which is as much a burlesque of the dog, as the monkey when his coat is on, is of the man."


I thought of you and IT yesterday Jodi, about the robot thing. My wife and I have been slowly watching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series on DVD. There's an episode in season five where an engineering student builds himself a robot girlfriend and then it goes wrong. One of the male characters earlier in the episode is like "well, I can see where he's coming from, I mean ..." and gets a cold shoulder from the female characters. There's also a dynamic on the show of women who are normal humans, in terms of appearance, being involved with men who aren't. So, do werewolves and vampires count as a version of monkeys in the fantasy?


That's interesting. I think that werewolves count but that vampires have their own logic (how's that for a Schmittian decision without justification...which reminds me, I forgot about the dogon symposium!! eek!)


Ok, I am a total out of it sort and have no idea what the monkey thing is on the internet. BUT I do recommend everyone who cares about politics and monkeys (and the war, etc). read an excellent little tract (ok, children's book meets political satire) called Clueless George.

It'll either depress the hell out of you or cheer you up. Or maybe, both.

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