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May 03, 2006


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Capital is so unruly when they sense a crisis coming on.

Virgil Johnson

Jodi, generally speaking about the history of this country or any country that claims there is a "rule of law" is a bit of a joke. The brunt of the joke are the people who believe that tripe.

There is no rule of law, there never has been, it is a ruse to hide that fact that personal and prejudicial interest of the monied and propertied class still makes all the decsions - the only law that rules is the will of the few. In a sense I thank Bush for his brute and blunt display of what is really taking place (he is not the sharpest tool in the shed).

By now I was hoping that more people would have seen that the form of government means little, whether it is highly centralized or representative in form - these forms are merely a front so that the few can be enriched. To come to any other conclusion is to deny a mountain of factual evidence to the contrary.

So there have been "750 violations" and what has transpired? Nothing, and nothing will be done because this is how the governemnt operates, it gives the appearance of conflict.

Oh, there might be a person or two in this body that are at odds with what is taking place - but that is it. The majority should be given the oscar for acting the part of the frustrated hero(s).

My only concern is when will the people as a whole become aware of this, be fed up enough to do something about it, and change this present course. What do we need to move us?

we the people


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