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May 25, 2006


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Amish Lovelock

The vulnerable human is a central trope of liberalism, right?


I don't know, Amish, I always thought liberal theorists had no belly buttons.


last comment mine, not my wife's. sorry.


My own comments aren't making it on the blog. Weird. Anyway, Amish, I'm glad you made this point. Butler writes as if this were not the case, but Judith Shklar's account of a liberalism of cruelty is premised on this notion.


Yes, Butler is vulnerable: that academic vulnerability is now the standard operating procedure of most postmodernist academics--as Nietzsche said years ago of liberals, they make a virtue out of their weakness. Indeed, that vulnerable academic liberalism-- a sort of ersatz vulnerability, since most Butlerites are ensconced in nice universities, protected by the entire state structure, really--is not even leftism of the partisan or worker sort; it's more like Vichy liberalism, the liberalism and quasi-melancholy of the libertine and socially successful parasite.

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