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March 06, 2006


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I knew there was a disturbance in the force when I woke up this morning.


Thanks Jodi. You're kind.


Dammit. I hit the button before I was done. I also wanted to add: I don't see it as in relation specifically to remunerated time but to the aggregate time, both ostensibly remunerated and unremunerated, that gets stolen from us and the aggregate time that is value productive.

Value productive time, to my mind, consists of both remunerated and unremunerated components (and what is and is not remunerated is a matter and result of conflict).
The idea of deadtime implies in addition that value productive time is a subset of stolen time but stolen time is not reducible to value productive time, stolen time is value productive time and deadtime.

I'm not sure about a lot of this, but among what it suggests is that considering the wage - what it is and some of the politics of it - might be a fruitful avenue of inquiry (inquiry that's of course been started, though I'm not very familiar with raelly anything along those lines).

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