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January 16, 2006


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There is a lyric from a Country and Western song that goes something like this, "you know I been thinking, life ain't no fun since I stopped drinking." The sentiment does not seem entirely wrong. You might be making excuses, but they could be good ones depending on the addiction.

Virgil Johnson

Jodi, I believe you put your finger on a good point. In this society we must have a silver bullet for everything - after all, the philosophical contribution to the world from America could well be pragmatism.

It is unfortunate that pietism, in it's most base form, works well with the pragmatic dictum. I would venture to say, that the very way that we live in this country contributes to this shallow analysis that you described so well. This might not only be a problem in adressing addictions, but regarding life in general in our great country....but you point also helps me dismiss my addictions :)

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