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October 21, 2005


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John S. Ransom

Yes but 'thou shalt not like Boston legal.' That's how they get you! I admit I'm a complete sucker for most of not all of what comes out of the Jon Stewart 'school': Coddry, Stewart himself, Colbert. I don't watch the shows but I watch excerpts that can be viewed over the Internet while I'm here in Italy. Thus I have seen both the Corddry bit and excerpts from the Colbert bit. You can do this too: if you ever miss an episode of something you like from comedy central, just go to their web site the next day or so and you can see excerpts of it. This is also a very popular thing to do at parties, and a great ice breaker -- fire up the computer and have everyone watch video excerpts from favorite comedy central shows.


Spader and Shatner were friendly prior to Shatner contracting mad-cow, and I recall a bit of a competition at first. Spader is an excellent actor - perfect mix of attorney-shark and the hint of humanism he can't/won't eliminate.

The playing off the Shatner-uberego is superb. Spader just accepts it and then they slowly open up how they feel.

Try Rescue Me sometime.


I actually don't much of the Boston Legal backstory--is it really mad cow disease? And, I've never heard of Rescue Me.

John: yes, it's great to be able to get a Daily Show fix on the net. One thing, these days there are 'new reporters'; I'm pretty skeptical about them and with Stephen Colbert were still around. Oh well, the times they are a changin'.


Shatner either doesn't want to admit it is Alzheimers, or gets the two mixed up, so he calls it madcow.

The early Boston Legal was Spader getting involved with the young legal/paralegal women in the office, the relationship with Shatner was more of an old dog vs. rising star antagonism, which changed into the friendship now.


I've now forgotten the name of the creator of the show (David something?), but didn't he also do Picket Fences, which also had someone with Alzheimers? I wonder if he had/has a parent with it.


He did *create* (one of those Hollywood terms which means what?) Picket Fences (as well as Doogie Howser, M.D.), Ally McBeal and LA Law.

Don't know about the personal connection to Alzheimers - he is such a prolific TV writer and has that ability to pick up on a cultural meme and go with it that I wonder if he knows someone or just has that extra sense.


Sorry, almost forgot the name is David E. Kelley.

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