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October 21, 2005


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I've read that NO is actually one of the most racially integrated cities in the US. Whenever I meet foreigners who want to talk about the US, they talk about all the racial problems in the US. I'm sure there are racial problems, but I've never witnessed that with coworkers, or neighbors, or at the grocery store. I'm afraid Zizek doesn't really know the US very well. If you want racial problems, go live as a black man in Germany or Slovenia.


I find Z's articles in ITT pretty good - he has to tone down the theory, but still concepts have to leak through which throughly baffle some readers.

Adam Kotsko

bjr3, Are you fucking serious?


Adam - either bjr3 is a black man who lives in Germany or Slovenia, and thereby knows Europeans racism from first hand experience, or is just throwing shit out to see if it sticks.

I guess the latter.


PEBird--I share your guess. I find it highly unlikely that a black man living in the US would defend American egalitarianism.

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