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October 03, 2005


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I appreciate the commendation, Jodi!


You have a terrific blog--great annotations and readings of Lenin and Trotsky, terrific paintings, I look forward to reading it more in the future (and I've added to my cite list to encourage others to do so as well!)

Virgil Johnson

Jodi, I have always appreciated your posts - your thoughts are incisive, and your expression is simply powerful. I hope you are duly recognized in your circles - you do good, vital and needed work. I'm just greatful that you break it down so we can grasp things.

Of course, once again in your post you point to - people being the losers to cruel policies. Perhaps one day we will realise and practice obvious priorities - until people begin to see they disenfranchise themselves by electing people who only embrace an elite, compassion will slowly disappear. A once great nation will be no more - let's hope we will not have to experience the bottom.


Virgil, thanks so much for your kind words--but they go to Edie at Annotated Life, a really terrific blog.

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