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October 16, 2005


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Adam Kotsko

That was invigorating.

The contrast of the sex scenes is even greater when we envision the considerate lover going down on the cheerleader almost immediately -- that, more than the fantasy of the "sexually experienced cheerleader" seemed to me to be the operative fantasy of that initial sex scene (that is, more could be done with the fantasy from the wife's perspective, in addition to the male fantasies that clearly do dominate the film).


Great point on the considerate lover. And, it could go a variety of ways: wife's fantasy; wife's reality (which is actually how I assumed it--probably because I take it for granted!--but your response is an appropriate challenge to that); son's fantasy of himself as a lover; son's fantasy of the experienced, loving, generous, considerate father.


I don't know what you guys were watching... shit, I only wish I enjoyed watching the movie as much as I did reading your comments. In truth, I found nothing of merit in the film, and found the experience like being stuck inside a ball of cotton... although an extremely putrid ball of cotton. I had an immediate, bodily reaction to this movie... it made me viscerally sick in my gut. Particularly the sex scenes, which I heard were supposed to be hot, but instead I found completely disgusting. In fact I've begun referring to the movie as "A History of Being Disgusting." Viggo is a retarded child that only knows how to kill and fuck (which is to say he ain't really one for book learning). Ostensibly, the book learning he leaves up to his wife... but we never see her in any capacity other than that of wanting to jump her retarded man-child's bones and alternately, wondering what life would be like without man-child (I assume it would involve a lot less corpses, but this thought never crosses her mind, cause she's fixated on the prospect of going without that sweet man-child loving). The only part of this movie that worked were the scenes where man-child kicks ass and takes names... but that was only like 3 minutes of the lame ass movie.





This movie was lame and utterly pointless. Horrible ending, horrible storyline.

Nobius Black

Never thought about this in contest of "fantasy", you make a great and true argument.

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