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September 23, 2005


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Patrick J. Mullins

That speech was one of the rare times I turn my set on, used only for movies. I don't even have cable, much less want it.

But here's what interested me about my own perception: I didn't think that was even the actual Jackson Square (and I had been there in March), and thought it was a blown-up photograph like those of the cities their journalists on 'Washington Week in Review' use behind them. I finally did see a palm get a little breeze, but until I read reports I just accepted it as a 'real fake,' I didn't see the opening famous strut out there by about 2 minutes, so I just assumed it was meant to represent New Orleans, even though I knew he was in the city itself.


I missed the strut as well (and for this I consider myself most fortunate among women...)

wild that you guessed/assumed backdrop! it was clearly meant as a backdrop, theatrical, spectacular but interesting that you thought it was a real backdrop...


Thanks for pointing this out -- how . . . utterly Zizekian! The weird, uncanny element/object that sustains the illusory coherence of the dream . . .


Thanks, Jay, I was impressed that my Dad (who isn't an academic or particularly theory-minded person) had the idea; he seems to be reading Zizek really well: the stopped clock--imaginary element of set, Real clock that insofar as it is stopped ruptures the very fantasy it sustains (as backdrop), Symbolic marker of death (and destruction). Usually the uncanny object in a Bush speech is off set (a slip of the tongue or bulge in the jacket)

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