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September 14, 2005


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Virgil Johnson

Suffice it to say, this is all brought to you courtesy of the American Dream. If you find that a certain course always brings you to the doorstep of death and destruction, why not change the course?

It does not matter where you go, all over the world and you get the same thing in the wake of our policies - death and destruction. The simple answer is to employ a government which cares about it's people and people in general - but what will you have to sacrifice to get this? Priviledge never steps down on it's own accord - it has to be knocked down, so it can learn that other people matter, whatever the methodology.

Accomplishing this takes more than a mere change of administrations, it takes a systemic change - until this is recognized nothing will get better. Next year, this same time, same station, you will post something similar to this (Lord willing), if not more aggravated, until we recognize this simple point.


I agree--the change has to be political and it won't be easy or voluntary.

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