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September 05, 2005


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chris robinson

Sorry I missed you at the APSA. I was there for a Foundations section and had to leave before things really got going. Hope you had good panels -- I sure did.

Patrick J. Mullins

French news was still good tonight, but they are pretty understaffed for this, and didn't make the difference between the people of Jefferson Parish being allowed back into their houses briefly and New Orleans--where there wasn't any driving of cars in, of course.

Bush in Baton Rouge, I suppose they disinfected the evacuees he visited there before he came in. To me, it's incredible he didn't go back to New Orleans if he wanted any credibility at all, but maybe he knows that he doesn't need 'credibility.'

Old man Bush and Clinton doing their repeat act shown. Main point is that it doesn't have any weight to say, as Clinton did, after the 4-day delay, that 'people are dying, this needs to be investigated, but not now.' His own famous character flaws show fabulously in this one. They had plenty of time to wait, but we now have 'no time to investigate', because, essentially, Hillary (who is reported to have said something similar on one of the Sunday shows ) and Bill are in bed with the Bushes in an on-again, off-again menage a trois ou quatre.

So then Bush flying back to Mississippi where he can expect Haley Pig Barbour to tell him he's doing as great a job as 'Brownie,' I guess.

Patrick J. Mullins

Oh yes, I think I heard right. Old man Bush said 'Well, the President can take it,' but I think let slip 'As a father, I'm disappointed...' anybody else hear that, find it rather astonishing?

Patrick J. Mullins

I just found it on Yahoo. What else could I have been thinking. The Old Bush said that 'as a father he didn't like criticism' of his son. I remember him laughing in his corrupt way when his idiot granddaughters couldn't quit doing their alcoholism in public. He's apparently quit vomiting into Japanese.


It can be fascism, certainly. But maybe it's just a call for a leader of some sort, i.e., one not totally incompetent and, dare we say, flip-flopping.

Was admiration for Winston Churchill necessarily fascist? We elect leaders to do the job of leading the nation. All Bush can do is go on about the `hard work that needs to be done', without ever being able to do any himself.

Out of this might come something progressive, like a desire for a strong - Leftist - leader. Of course this is optimistic, but it is a tendency present in the current discourse, I think.


Patrick, thanks for the updates.
Chris, I'm bummed that I didn't see you at APSA.
Pope: you are right. The evocation can function as a critique of Bush, as a call for a left leader, or fascistically (to mention 3). It's not determined. My worry is that the current context makes a left leader nearly impossible. But, the current situation is somewhat fluid. Last night's hurricane porn: FOX was pretty isolated in its defense of Bush and the Feds. The repeated the party line of blame the victims, the city, and the state of Louisana. CNN and MSNBC were not biting. Scarborough was critical of the Feds, and pretty pro church groups. He had great guests though--someone on the environment, someone pointing out the destruction of social welfare.

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