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August 05, 2005


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I think you are absolutely correct that the Taliban/ZZ Top connection has been ignored for far too long!

Seriously, conviction and devotion are difficult to muster for (post)secular humanists because of a general agnosticism. One cannot be sure what is true - it is better to be skeptical than to be wrong, or appear to be naive. This is one reason why I have been recently drawn to the revolution that almost took place in May 68. Large groups of people passionately rejected everything about Bourgious society, took a stand, and said we can do better. What really interests me is why we can not do this today, why it seems rediculous to even propose dreaming of such a project.


Alain, great point. I watched the movie on Mohammed Ali with Will Smith last night. What was so striking was the enormous sense of black power, of pan-Africanism and the potentially revolutionary force of black people in struggle. The US govt was scared and threated, various factions seem worried about things getting out of hand, running amok. There is just such an incredible sense of change and possibility.

This, I guess, is why they killed Martin and Malcolm.

Also, I should add the element of corruption also sucking at the revolutionary teat of power (what a horrid metaphor!)--Don king and Elijah Mohammed trying to get their share, etc.

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