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May 26, 2005


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Virgil Johnson

Torture has been used throughout the centuries by tyrannical governments, whatever form a government chooses to use - because torture is not isolated to form of government (unfortunately). The United States has been using torture almost from it's inception, it just has never been done in the open.

What is not usually known about torture is that it is never used to extract the "truth' - instead, it is used to fabricate a lie in support of a global, national, or local policy. Most people know you can make someone confess to anything when torture is used - they will confess to leaping over tall buildings in a single bound if this is what will halt the torture.

In order to produce evidence for a war, this administration has resorted to extrodinary

Virgil Johnson

rendition after the fact of using torture and it being exposed. The use of this method is supposed (extraordinary rendition)to quell the outcry against the direct employment of torture - although the process of direct torture continues, it just has been hermetically sealed from public observation.

Here is a pre-warning sign you can always use to head off torture - whenever a government, through it's own words or through it's loyal press begins to villify and demonize certain people, torture is always close behind or presently in practice. When you begin to see torture paraded on your TV in various entertainment programs, and straining definitions of what torture is - that is a sure sign it is in full swing.

Once again for emphasis, torture is never used to get to the so-called truth, but always done so confessions can be given to support a certain foreign or domestic policy. It is always used when we want to rob other nations of their resources, or gain some form of political power in whatever region, usually both. I know it is an ugly picture, the question is not it's disgusting existence, but what are you going to do about it?


Virgil--I like very much the way you broaden thinking about torture--'it is used when we rob...' what that says to me is that outrage against torture needs to be coupled with outrage against violence and exploitation inflicted on populations more generally; it should not be viewed in isolation, as if that is the only kind of violence we abhore, cannot tolerate, etc.

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