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May 26, 2005


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Kim Dot Dammit

So weird that you have this up here. I was just thinking this morning about how when things become TOO REAL they become invisible. When things reside in the realm of dreams and fantasy they are so much more real than when we interface with them in our daily lives. Overengagement with fantasy leads to emptiness because the veneer of fantasy dissipates and is worn away from overuse. I was thinking those same thoughts this morning.


well, I posted this after we got off the phone so I'm sure that our conversation had something to do with it! Your reflections, my reflections, the whole thing about fantasy....and then the stupid idiocy of being stuck in a paper and staring blankly into space...


oh yeah, and Kim--check out the little cactus in the bottom left corner--a desert girl for you!

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