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March 25, 2005


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Oh aren't they just adorable?
I think they deserve a (bear) hug.
Sure, why not, we need a break from books. Surely Zizek would have no issue with the tabloid. He'd just say: Jouis!

Anthony Smith

Did they go through with it?

Mark Kaplan

I thought Zizek was already married to Renata Salecl?


The eye that's closed is often the truly scary one, I've noticed. In all sarcasm, I'd be a drinker too, etc. etc. (Not your typical Anglo politician, like.)

Further proof that the author photo is irrelevant? Giveaway psychopath-look, as i.t. says. What I mean is, how banally American of me to notice first only the absence of smile. Too much coffee, sorry.

Kim Dot Dammit

OK, I feel compelled to say something here because I just find this a little creepy. I looked at the photo album and it's just so People magazine or whatever. And, maybe she is smart, but she sure looks like a trophy bride to me. That whole photo spread gave me major class anxiety -- I mean, those women, do they sharpen their teeth in the morning? Perhaps that was the desired effect. Nevertheless . . . creepy.


Oh I don't know. It is a wedding, so of course they are going to look dapper. Maybe they do look uber-dapper, true enough.
But if she is a serious scholar herself, wouldn't that by definition exclude the possibility of her being a 'trophy bride'? He is rather charismatic, I hear...

Kim Dot Dammit

Good question. Does role of serious scholar exempt her from trophy bride status or propel her into "uber"-trophy-bride? I think the vote can go either way on this one.

chris robinson

You'd think he would look a little happier.


Maybe he doesn't look happy because he doesn't like getting his picture taken. Or, maybe the serious look is for the cameras, affirming that he remains a very, very serious theorist. Analia Hounie has modeled and there are various photos of her available on the web.

chris robinson

I've looked at the full spread now. I think I want to live in a country where theorists are accorded the star treatment.


hi jodi,
they were in saas fee last year,
the students at the european graduate school http://www.egs.edu/ have seen them ...

does that mean they have a higher media literacy?



... and he's a bad skier indeed, but she was quite impressive in the deep powder as I saw them in Saas Fee last week


at least accept that zizek looks like a drunk don johnson, circa miami vice, impersonator in this photo. its a wedding. put on a shirt with a collar at least, if not a tie. the t-shirt/jacket look is NEVER good. this has nothing to do with publicity/press/"trophy brides" or anything of the sort. simply a comment upon some (self)respect for the way a man can dress (so as not to look like a fool).

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