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February 28, 2005


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Culture War discussions have always been about name calling and chest beating. I do not think they are indicative of democratic discourse. David Horowitz, even from his days on the left, has always been an intellectual guerilla. That is his style. The discussion at Left2Right seems to follow the predictable pattern.


In that context, "moderate disagreement" is the fuel that feeds their fire? Trading insults is for a lot of guys (and I guess they're mostly guys), a form of bonding? Falstafian jests would probably defuse the emnity more than reason?


neat point. it could be a gender thing, a bonding through insult and disagreement. so maybe argument produces a kind of social bond that has nothing to do with reasons but the release of passions, cathexis in a way. interesting. i need to think about this.


Couldn't help but notice Richard Rorty's name being dropped from the header...hardly blame him. Perhaps it was just a loaner to begin with, of course.

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