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January 18, 2005


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Haha, it's interesting that the video inspires laughter but also a nice warm feeling that this is just so happy rocking out on the song.

See also: http://www.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/~melnik/Music/BM_troo.mpeg


Ack, your blog format needs an 'edit post' feature!
"...this kid is..."

Also related, perhaps more sad than funny: http://media.ebaumsworld.com/titanicpimp.wmv

George W.

Its 3 in the morning. I’m out of food and distilled water. I've watched this video over 4 times in order to get myself in the mood for writing my written statement for New School. Before this I read a part of Unabomber manifesto.

The mood is…lagging. And I still cant go beyond my opening sentence of “There are many reasons why one should not study political theory in New School University.” But after some introspection and watching some fat guy wave his arms in abandon, I did come to two conclusions.

I have not gone dancing in over a year. And perhaps I should. To Italian techno if necessary.

I am inordinately amazingly disgustingly afraid of being rejected by Grad school, and I am procrastinating like a mother about anything related to it. It doesn’t have to be New School, as at least they are sort of choosy, but CUNY Grad as well. I have no idea what will I do if all grad schools reject me, and the fear is debilitating. Where will I go? What will I tell my friends and my teachers? What can I do besides studying and writing papers? (Or not studying and delaying papers.) What am I if not a demented poli sci student??? I don’t want to do “work”, nor I am ready for “revolution”, and I am afraid to apply to any grad schools. An existential moment to say the least…

I wish that they would just grill me on critical theory for 4 hours straight and my GPA did not matter, but this is only in the world that I pine for in my posts. Where art though Marxist love farm? So I think I am currently opting for the less scary option of being homeless, and living on scraps from some vegetarian restaurant.

Any advice on good restaurants?


There's a rather trendy, albeit expensive place in harvard square called something Greens I've been to a few times. Try and pick up a wayward Harvard grad student there and somehow find a way to infiltrate the institution through her.

As for the interview vs. GPA thing, that's essentially how I got into college. Submit a quality writing sample, and get an interview, and make sure you apply to a fair number of programs. I bet you'd get in somewhere.

Anyway, if life has no meaning, then there's no reason to be afraid of rejection--after all, it doesn't matter! Might as well just apply for the hell of it, you'll thank yourself later. Otherwise, we might see a filthy, homeless George lip-syncing cheesy popsongs in front of a webcam for veggie money in a few years, and what a sad world it would be.


If you don't turn in any papers, honors exams, or chapters, you won't have to be worry about the possibility of being rejected. You can be confident in the certainty of being rejected. Get your work done. Also, if you decide for the homeless option, move to the south or the west coast.


right la jolla is a particularly good place given ucsd but encinitas might also not be bad for a more small town ambience my 11th anniversary of living outdoors is officially feb 7

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