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March 25, 2010


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John Protevi

Thanks, Jodi, this is a great post. I'm teaching Nietzsche this term, so everything I see reminds me of him, but Boehner stinks of resentment, of naysaying (literally), of defining himself by what he isn't, of being the whiny loser who can't do anything than dwell on his defeat.


That last paragraph is particularly touching for me. I've tried to think of a great way to respond to all the "what's in it for me" nonsense, and you just gave me the answer. If people weren't so selfish as to think only of themselves, maybe we wouldn't need taxes at all to get things like this done to make us a little more equal all across the board...but people aren't...


Don't take this the wrong way but this post sounds like you are softening up.:)

If only the dems could offer more than community health centers and closing medicare donut holes.


Thanks, folks.

Alain--I few weeks ago I almost wrote a similar one in the remake of "we are the world" for Haiti. Anyway, yeah, there is a 'softening here'. I don't know if it's real or an ideological effect. It seems reasonable, though, to think that effective politics cannot be limited to elections v. goon squads, harassing phone calls v. MoveOn, symbolic gestures with guns v. symbolic gestures with puppets. Clicking through tv last night I saw a glimpse of Gangs of New York and the powerful intimidation of a crowd marching forward. They could not be stopped.


Of course you are correct - politics cannot be meaningful or effective when reduced to brown shirts vs feel good symbolism. But as you can probably tell from my recent comments, i am very torn between embracing the recent accomplishment of the dems and despising the content of this accomplishment. It seems I must live with the fact that I embrace both at the same time - admiration for some modest progress but more importantly, fidelity to something far greater.

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