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November 04, 2009


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i reduced all i believe down to this years ago...

nothing is perfect
in the space where nothing exists
will one find perfection
the perfect nothing

accept nothing as fact
question everything
determine your own truth
define your own reality

im currently in a process of disengagement from the other that is not me and re connecting with whatever is left..damn it gets quiet sometimes

Jocelyn Atkins

"But if anything is possible, nothing is (as well)"-- i guess, i would say, nothing very literally is anything. this is where the terms break down and anything (the particular) becomes universal--it no longer points to possibility but, so many possibilities coagulate into nothing, the universal. Hegel is useful here to see the way the dialectic works on content. So for me, the excluded proper does not exist, it is a myth: the ineptitude of our attempt to capture/understand "difference".

So the nothing you speak of, yes, is there all along. This of course, is for me, the scariest point because this is the risk of getting stuck in Drive (in the Real). But I feel somewhat consoled by the way, as I understand it, that the hole in the Real (of nothing) that ensnares us is also the thing that constitutes freedom from it. The trick is getting into the realm of "anything" and staying there long enough to do something or at the least, avoiding the traps of Drive. I hope we are talking about the same thing, I just had this sinking feeling that maybe i totally misunderstood your piece. agh.

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