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July 25, 2009


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Bob Allen

"We have been produced as subjects unlikely to coalesce, subjects resistant to solidarity and suspicious of collectivity"

This encapsulates what I've suspected for awhile. Despite the constant bleating of rightist media and despite working class agreement with petty bourgeois anti-collectivism in nativist circles at least, I doubt these "tea baggers" and gun nuts and their sympathizers could organize a real fascist movement anymore, -- we have the Spectacle (to them) of a "Communist" President, and are swamped with "illegals" and yet these folk seem to wallow in their powerlessness, clutching to God and guns and agreeing on little else...my point is it will be hard for anti collectivists to organize against the creeping socialism they perceive, and whose specter they browbeat us with every day. Yet, a wounded animal is most dangerous...


Thanks, Bob. I appreciate your comment. I also appreciate (and thought I had mentioned but it seemed like my comment got lost) your comment from last week regarding your own experience.

Particularly interesting here is your comment about 'clutching powerlessness'--this has been such a mentality of the left in recent years, but you are absolutely right in your locating of it on the right.

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