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February 13, 2006


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Food issues may be one of the most important issues neglected by theory-bound leftists (of course by rightists as well). That's not to say Peter Singer should necessarily be resurrected (tho' I think postmods could do with a bit of Singer), but the entire context of meat--from the cattle, to the ethics of slaughter, the logistics/energy issues, price/commodity issues, as well as all the ag. issues involved with feed/silage--it's rather overwhelming, and yet few scholars except for some wacky "greens" address it. And the ethics of cattle (pork, chicken) are perhaps as important as the economic: would most human carnivores, even "leftists" be willing to spend a few days in a slaughterhouse and kill cows? Unlikely. Cattle, pork, slaughterhouses: That's the real dirty work of the American economy.

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